At Home Skin Tag Removal

n the UK, the NHS classifies skin tag removal as a cosmetic treatment and generally a local GP will not treat or remove skin tags. Home skin tag removal treatments in comparison to surgical procedures are far more affordable and the user has the benefit of being able to do the treatment in the comfort of their own home.

Home skin tag removal solutions

Do it yourself home treatment formulas normally contain tea tree oil or apple cider vinegar. They work by drying out the skin tags surface and work best on very small skin tags. Whilst they can remove larger skin tags they take longer to work as well as being labour intensive. They usually need to be applied multiple times each day until treatment is complete. This can take up to several weeks.

Contrary to this the new TagBand is an at home skin tag removal kit with a high success rate. It removes skin tags by use of a small band applied close to the base of the skin tag. This provides peace of mind with effectiveness right there in your home.

How TagBand Skin Tag Remover Kit works

For a skin tag to be treated and removed, its blood supply which is vital to the skin tags growth and survival needs to be significantly reduced. Once the oxygenated blood is reduced to a significant level the skin tag will start to change colour as it begins to die before dropping off.

How to use:

The band is applied using the supplied device and when attached to the skin tag it retracts back to its original size. Once the band has been attached to the skin tag it starts to significantly reduce its blood supply. After several days, the skin tag will start to shrink and change colour. This is its final stage before removal and within a few days it will fall off leaving only a small blemish.

Step by step:

1) Clean the skin tag and the surrounding area with one of the provided cleansing swabs.

2) Push one of the bands up and onto the top section of the cone. Place the cone over the skin tag and level with the surrounding skin area.

3) Place the TagBand remover onto the cone and push lightly until the band pops off the end.

4) The band will now be held securely in place where it will remain until the skin tag has dropped off. The skin tag can take up to a few weeks to drop off.


Skin tags that are on the eyelid or eye area are not recommended to be treated using a home treatment. Other skin complaints such as moles are not suitable for removal using a home skin tag treatment.  Moles are normally brown or black in colour compared to the fleshy pink colour of a skin tag. Moles are also normally more flat to the skins surface compared to a skin tag which will normally be more raised even when small. If you have any concerns with what you are trying to treat you should first visit your local GP before starting any treatment.

Treating skin tags at home is a cost-efficient way of removal. If you are treating a skin tag that is at least 2mm in size, then using the easy to use TagBand kit will remove the skin tag safely and efficiently. If you want to remove skin tags that are smaller than this then using a formula would be a good option.