How TagBand works

The TagBand skin tag removal kit is a cost-efficient home treatment solution that removes skin tags successfully by use of a small band applied close to the base of the skin tag. For a skin tag to be treated and removed, its blood supply which is vital to the skin tags growth and survival needs to be significantly reduced. Once the oxygenated blood is reduced to a significant level the skin tag will start to change colour as it begins to die before dropping off.

  • Works by stopping the skin tags blood supply, with visible results within days
  • Cone is placed over the skin tag with the removal device pushing off the band
  • Band will tighten onto the base of the skin tag causing the skin tag to drop off
  • TagBand can be used on most body areas including the face and body
  • TagBand and Micro TagBand removes all skin tags from small to large size

How to use

The band is applied using the supplied device and when attached to the skin tag it retracts back to its original size. Once the band has been attached to the skin tag it starts to significantly reduce its blood supply. After several days, the skin tag will start to shrink and change colour. This is its final stage before removal and within a few days the skin tag will fall off leaving only a small blemish. TagBand kit is designed to be used on skin tags on the face and body but we wouldn’t recommend using it around the sensitive eye area.