How Not to remove skin tags?

If you head to google, you’ll be bombarded with a hundred and one methods for removing skin tags, alongside the normal ‘revolutionary weight-loss techniques’ that the ‘doctors don’t want you to know about’. However, just as with those spam adverts, the online techniques shouldn’t necessarily be trusted for four main reasons.

Risk of infection

The first main reason that these online methods shouldn’t be trusted is that they ignore the significant risk of infection that they themselves create. Some websites would recommend cutting off a skin tag with a pair of scissors for example. However, unless properly disinfected medical equipment is used to do so like a doctor would and unless the (painful) wound is itself sterilised, you run the risk of bacteria from the scissors or the outside atmosphere entering it.  This can lead to it becoming infected, and consequently create an even greater problem than the one you started with.

Risk of bleeding

Secondly, such methods can cause unnecessary pain and bleeding. If the blood supply is instantaneously cut off by tying a string around the skin tag for example rather than cut off over a period of time, it causes excessive nerve stimulation i.e unnecessary pain for you!

Homeopathy and herbal remedies

A lot of websites will be selling some cream or herbal remedy for skin tags, or advertising some esoteric combination of household goods to treat them, claiming to shrink them beyond recognition or remove them by some other means. The problem with these or similar treatments is that no herbal remedies or homeopathic treatment has ever stood up to scientific, empirical testing. The effects are at best believed to be placebo effects, where the effect of a treatment cannot be attributed to the properties of the treatment itself, but instead can only be put down to the subject’s belief that it is effective. At worst, it will do very little and will be an expensive waste of time or money.

Potential for recurrence

Finally, many online treatments can leave the potential for skin tags to grow back. This is because, if the stalk of the tag is not properly removed, then it has a high chance of growing again from this remaining part. When self-treating by cutting off skin tags and so on, it is hard to ensure that you definitely remove the stalk. Therefore, by using these types of methods, there is real risk that it will simply be a temporary solution. You will have gone through pain and a potential infection risk for nothing.

TagBand is better!

TagBand skin tag removal kit avoids all of these problems. The disinfectant swabs help you prevent infection, the use of an elastic band doesn’t instantaneously cut off the blood supply so reduces the pain, it is backed up by scientific studies of previous devices, and it removes the stalk in most cases so therefore prevents recurrence.