TagBand Questions

Q. How fast will the TagBand take to remove skin tags?

A. Results can be achieved very quickly and some skin tags will be removed after just a few days of treatment with the average time of around one week. It’s common for the skin tag to shrink first and turn colour before dropping off.

Q. Are the results you achieve permanent?

A. Yes the results you achieve will be permanent and the treated skin tag will not grow back. Once the skin tags blood supply has been significantly reduced it will start to shrink and turn colour. In the final stage of removal the skin tag will fall off and the band will be removed with the skin tag.

Q. Is the TagBand device easy to use?

A. The TagBand device is very easy to use. To start with cleanse the surrounding skin area with one of the supplied cleansing pads. Next push a band up onto the top section of the cone. Place the cone over the skin tag and using the TagBand remover push lightly until the band pops off the end. The band will now retract to its original size and will be held securely in place. For skin tags in difficult areas, Auto Tag band is used to safely remove tags with single manual operation. The package comes with detailed instructions that are easy to follow to achieve best results.

Q. Is the TagBand suitable for all skin tags?

A. Our TagBand device is suitable for nearly all skin tag sizes and we have two different sized models. Our standard TagBand device removes medium to large skin tags with our Micro TagBand removing small to medium sized skin tags. If you find the bands are not the correct size then we will replace your order free of charge.

Q. Can the TagBand be used on all parts of the body?

A. The TagBand has been designed to be safe to use on all parts of the face and body apart from the sensitive eye area. For skin tag removal around the eye and eyelid area we would recommend visiting a doctor.

Q. When should I not treat skin tags?

A. You should not try to remove skin tags with the TagBand kit if you have previously been diagnosed with skin cancer or had any skin lesion previously diagnosed as pre-cancerous. TagBand kit is also not suitable for removing skin tags around the eye/eyelid area or on broken skin.


Q. What size TagBand do I need?

A. Micro TagBand kit is suitable for skin tags with a measurement of 2mm-4mm at their widest point. The TagBand kit is suitable for skin tags with a widest point of 4mm-6mm. If the skin tag is smaller than 2mm then the band may not be able to grip the skin tag and we recommend using the DermaTag skin tag removal formula: www.dermatag.co.uk

Q. Can I use the normal size TagBand device with the Micro refill pack?

A. The bands for each refill pack are designed to only be used with the correct size device. If you use the Micro bands with the normal size TagBand device, then it will cause the bands to overstretch and break.

Q. What skin complaints is TagBand suitable for?

A. The TagBand kit is only suitable for the removal of skin tags. This kit is not intended for use on any other skin conditions such as warts or moles. In all cases please consult a doctor before use.

Q. How does the 60 day full money back guarantee work?

A. If you find that the TagBand or Micro TagBand does not work for you, please email us first before returning your order. We will then email you all the details needed to return your order. Our email address is found on our ‘Contact Us’ page.

Q. How long will my order take to arrive?

A. All orders received before 5pm will be sent out the same working day with weekend orders sent out on Monday. All UK orders are sent by Royal mail first class delivery and 90% of all orders arrive the next working day. All orders will fit through a standard letter box so you do not need to be at home to receive your order.

Q. How do I pay for my order?

A. We use PayPal as our preferred method of payment as it is highly regarded as the safest way of paying for goods online. You do not have to be a PayPal customer to use this service and you can pay by using all major credit and debit cards. We also sell our TagBand range on Amazon and eBay, if you would prefer to purchase them on there.