What is a skin tag?

Skin tags are very common skin growths, which are harmless but can become irritated or unsightly. Skin tags are caused by friction, where the skin has been rubbing against itself; they often occur in the armpits, groin, and neck area.

Skin tags are fleshy pink or light brown in colour which are harmless and normally painless. They start off very small and continue to grow, often peaking at a maximum size. The typical size of a skin tag is the same size of a grain of rice although they can grow larger if left untreated. A skin tags surface is usually smooth or irregular in appearance and is normally raised from the skins surface by a fleshy stalk.

Skin tag vs warts/moles
Moles are normally brown or black in colour compared to the lighter fleshy colour of a skin tag. Moles are also normally more flat to the skins surface compared to a skin tag which will normally be more raised even when small. Warts tend to have a rough outer layer and are more flat to the skin compared to a skin tag. 

Skin tag



When should I not treat skin tags?

You should not try to remove skin tags with the TagBand kit if you have previously been diagnosed with skin cancer or had any skin lesion previously diagnosed as pre-cancerous. TagBand kit is also not suitable for removing skin tags around eyes/eyelid area or on broken skin.

What skin complaints is TagBand suitable for?

The TagBand kit is only suitable for the removal of skin tags. This kit is not intended for use on any other skin conditions such as warts or moles. In all cases please consult a doctor before use.