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TagBand Skin tag Remover

TagBand – Skin Tag Removal Kit

Skin tags are very common and often appear in areas where skin rubs against skin. It is normal for a skin tag to start off small and increase in size. TagBand skin tag remover kit works by stopping the skin tags blood supply and results can be seen within just a few days of applying a band. The Micro TagBand kit is suitable for small to medium skin tags with our standard size TagBand kit suitable for medium to large skin tags. TagBand kits are easy to use and are designed to be safe to use on the face and body with little or no pain.

Results can be seen in days…

Results can be achieved very quickly and some skin tags will be removed after just several days of treatment. The average skin tag removal time is around one week and the skin tag will first change colour before dropping off removing the band in the process. Once the skin tag has been removed it will not grow back, so the results you achieve will be permanent.

  • Removed skin tag within days

    Purchased this device to remove several skin tags that I have had for years and within 3 days the first had dropped off and the others were gone by around a week. It’s very easy to use and didn't cause me any pain. All that’s left to show there was skin tags is a tiny mark. Very impressed!

    Would you recommend this to a friend? yes

    Ryan Thompson, High Wycombe

  • I love this product!

    Purchased this late last week and started using it the same day it arrived. I had one on my back so I needed my boyfriend to help me but one on my neck I did myself and it was easy enough to apply one of the small bands. It took around 2 days before the tag on my neck turned colour and by the following morning it had fell off during the night. Very pleased and I guess the other one has also gone!

    Would you recommend this to a friend? yes

    Jenny Peters, Swansea

  • Very Good skin tag solution

    Used Tagband to remove 6 skin tags and one I have had for a long time and didn’t think there was anything available without considering surgery. I found this after a work friend recommended it to me and although I was a bit sceptical it did the trick and I’m now tag free.

    Would you recommend this to a friend? yes

    Sarah Samson, Manchester

  • Removed small and large skin tags!

    I brought both kits as I had skin tags in a variety of sizes and was unsure which one to go for. In the end I probably needed both as although most of the skin tags were small I had two larger ones. The larger ones took slightly longer to remove but all were still removed within the week and instead of ugly skin tags I have clear skin.

    Would you recommend this to a friend? yes

    Peter S.

  • Good product

    I had a holiday coming up and had an appointment with my local GP which I hoped he would remove them before I went away. My GP said he wouldn’t remove them and I found this after reading reviews on Amazon. I didn’t expect it would work so quickly and was very surprised and extremely happy they went so quick! Would definitely recommend.

    Would you recommend this to a friend? yes

    J. Partridge

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Apply TagBand in 4 simple steps

Step 1

Cleanse the area using one of the swabs and push one of the bands onto the top section of the cone.

Step 2

Place the cone over the skin tag and push the cone level with the surrounding skin area.

Step 3

Place the TagBand remover device onto the cone and push lightly until the band pops off the end.

Step 4

The band will now be held securely in place where it will remain until the skin tag has dropped off.

How it works

The TagBand skin tag removal kit is a cost-efficient home treatment solution that removes skin tags successfully by use of a small band applied close to the base of the skin tag. For a skin tag to be treated and removed, its blood supply which is vital to the skin tags growth and survival needs to be significantly reduced. Once the oxygenated blood is reduced to a significant level the skin tag will start to change colour as it begins to die before dropping off.

How to use

The band is applied using the supplied device and when attached to the skin tag it retracts back to its original size. Once the band has been attached to the skin tag it starts to significantly reduce its blood supply. After several days, the skin tag will start to shrink and change colour. This is its final stage before removal and within a few days the skin tag will fall off leaving only a small blemish. TagBand skin tag remover kit is designed to be used on skin tags on the face and body but we wouldn’t recommend using it around the sensitive eye area.

Q. How fast will the TagBand take to remove skin tags?

A. Results can be achieved very quickly and some skin tags will be removed after just a few days of treatment with the average time of around one week. It’s common for the skin tag to shrink first and turn colour before dropping off.

Q. Are the results you achieve permanent?

A. Yes the results you achieve will be permanent and the treated skin tag will not grow back. Once the skin tags blood supply has been significantly reduced it will start to shrink and turn colour. In the final stage of removal the skin tag will fall off and the band will be removed with the skin tag.

Q. Is the TagBand suitable for all skin tags?

A. Our TagBand device is suitable for nearly all skin tag sizes and we have two different sized models. Our standard TagBand device removes medium to large skin tags with our Micro TagBand removing small to medium sized skin tags. If you find the bands are not the correct size then we will replace your order free of charge.

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