How to Treat Skin Tags in Sensitive Areas

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At TagBand, we get a lot of questions in our inbox daily about skin tags. Sometimes people prefer to contact us directly, especially when the topic is skin tags in sensitive areas of the body, such as skin tags on the eye or groin. And we’re always happy to advise anyone who needs information about something but also needs to ask it discretely.

Skin tags can appear wherever friction between folds of the skin occurs, which is why many people develop them on the genital and groin areas. However, it is essential to avoid certain methods of removal when dealing with sensitive areas, which we will expand on in this article.

What is a Genital Skin Tag?

Regardless of where the position is, skin tags are composed of the same aspects. They’re a small piece of soft, hanging skin which usually has a stalk. They are a combination of fat and nerve cells, fibres, and ducts, with an outer casing. Skin tags are considered benign tumours of the skin, which should not cause alarm as this means skin tags are harmless.

Furthermore, any skin tags on your genitals or groin area do not present a danger on their own accord. While this is true of the actual skin tag, it is always worth consulting with your GP or a dermatologist if you’re unsure of anything. Your GP is able to run tests for things like STIs and STDs while discussing any other potential causes.

In some cases, having a skin tag might be an early sign of type-two diabetes, with lots of credible research are finding as a link. Skin tags also have some indicators of being hereditary, meaning your family members might be prone to them. Additionally, scientists have found a connection between obesity and the prevalence of skin tags.

Though the cause of skin tags still requires more research to be conclusive, friction between folds of skin is widely seen as how they originate. This makes sense regarding skin tags that form on the genitals and groin because of the physiological traits of those areas.

Is It Safe to Remove Them at Home?

We’ll cut straight to the important advice – do not try to remove a genital skin tag yourself. And please also avoid trying any home remedies or alternative homoeopathic treatments. At best, they will have little to no effect. The worst outcome is inflammation or even a chemical burn, which is the last place you want this to happen. The identification and removal of genital or groin skin tags requires the expertise of a doctor or dermatologist. They might use cryotherapy or surgery to remove the skin tags, either by excision or

cauterisation. Technically, the removal of skin tags isn’t a medical procedure, so you’ll need to check if the NHS covers the costs.

So, the answer to our main point is to avoid removing genital skin tags and other sensitive areas at home. It’s not worth the risk of causing irritation which itself can lead to an infection. This is one best left to the professionals, and you shouldn’t feel any embarrassment about contacting them. In addition to the removal process, your GP will be able to run necessary tests to see if any underlying issues are causing your skin tags.

TagBand – Safe Removal of Skin Tags is Our Main Focus

While our TagBand removal kits are designed to be used on most areas of the body, there are certain body parts we advise you seek the a diagnostic from a medical professional. These would include your GP, gynaecologist, or professional dermatologist. The groin and genital zone’s skin are far more sensitive, and you should avoid anything which could irritate this region.

We would also advise against alternative home remedies such as cutting skin tags with scissors. You should never attempt to cut your skin tags off, especially not ones on your genital and anus area. Skin tags on the anal or genital area should be left for the professionals who can safely undertake these procedures and assist with aftercare.

For all other types of skin tags, TagBand is a cost-effective removal option which you can use from the comfort of your own home. We don’t just sell skin tag removal products – we provide credible advice for all things related. The safety of our customers is the most important thing for us. We’re happy to discuss and pass on any advice to help the safe removal of skin tags. For more information about our products, click here. If you have any questions, please contact us directly for more details on skin tags and our products.