Skin Tag Removal Home Remedies

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Looking for skin tag removal home remedies? Skin tags can be a nuisance especially when it comes to getting rid of them, which is why it is important to choose the best method in order to remove them effectively.

What are Skin tags?

Skin tags are defined as small growths that stick out from the skin which are not usually painful but, can be unsightly and can cause embarrassment for some people. They are commonly caused when skin rubs against skin and they can occur both in men and women. Common places for skin tags include; the neck, underarm, and groin area.

Home Remedies for Skin Tags

There are home remedies for skin tags out there which are suggested to aid in removal.

Tying the Skin Tag

A common one is using dental floss to tie onto the skin tag, which should help to cut off the blood supply. Even though this seems like an effective method, it can be a struggle to do it yourself if the tag is in a particularly awkward place, also if not done properly it could cause pain and discomfort.

Ointments or Oils for Skin tags

Another common home remedy for skin tag removal includes using ointments or oils which normally work by drying out the skin tags surface. A few to mention are apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil.

Ointments and oils need to be applied several times a day with treatment continuing for several weeks.

Cutting the Tag Off

A final method is using sharp sterile scissors which enable the person to cut the tag off from the base. Benefits of this option are that it is a fast and cost effective way of removing skin tags if you are brave enough.

This method includes using rubbing alcohol and a numbing agent beforehand to reduce discomfort during removal. However, this method is not recommended due to the complications that can arise from it, such as the inevitability that it will bleed and potentially cause significant pain once removed.

As well as this it also leaves the area open to infection if not sanitised appropriately. The risk of scarring is also another thing to consider before attempting to cut off a skin tag.

When to Consult a Doctor?

  • It is important to correctly identify the skin tags. Sometimes people confuse them with warts, moles, or something else. If you have any doubts it is recommended to consult a doctor.
  • Skin tags may sometimes develop on sensitive areas e.g. eyelids or groin area. It is better to consult a doctor before trying to remove these by yourself at home.
  • Consult a doctor if your skin tags are unusually big or painful.
  • Sometimes it may bleed a lot when trying to cut skin tags by yourself. Visit a doctor if you experience bleeding during cutting skin tags or otherwise.
  • You may also consult a doctor if you want to go through various medical/surgical options for skin tag removal. These include Cauterization (burning skin tags), Cryotherapy (freezing the skin tags) and Excision (Surgical skin tag removal).