Is It Normal to Get Skin Tags During Pregnancy?

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Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Skin tags rarely gain much notoriety within the context of whether they have links to medical issues. Their perception, and also methods of removal, fall into the cosmetic category. However, it’s a common reaction to have concerns about a sudden increase in skin tags. With this in mind – is it normal to get skin tags during pregnancy?
Yes, a lot of women gain skin tags during pregnancy, particularly during the third trimester. This is due to a combination of hormonal and weight changes. There’s rarely anything to worry about, but it makes sense why people opt to remove them. In this article, we’ll go into more detail about why skin tags appear during pregnancy.

What Causes Skin Tags During Pregnancy?

Out of the many different ways that cause a skin tag to emerge, the leading factor is friction. When two folds of the epidermis rub against each other, it creates fibromas, otherwise known as a skin tag. And this can happen anywhere on the body, but it will obviously be more prevalent in areas where the skin has a natural crevice.

Throughout pregnancy, the body undergoes various growth patterns which lend itself to skin tags occurring. In addition to an increase in mass, two hormones also increase significantly. Studies show an increase in estrogen and leptin constitute a significant factor in the formation and escalation of skin tags. Additionally, things like insulin sensitivity and family history are indicators.

Can I Remove Skin Tags Safely at Home?

Due to the pandemic, those pregnant may be less inclined to risk non-essential surgery, to avoid any unnecessary interactions. This adds complications to surgery with a medical professional, and it’s also likely that these procedures won’t take place during the lockdown.

Home remedies are a popular search online for removing skin tags. This process definitely falls into the category of a DIY option at home, but it needs thorough research. A lot of homoeopathic tinctures have two main problems. The first is their potential toxic elements, such as tea tree oil which comes with a warning for pregnant women. Secondly, most home remedies have no evidence of being useful.

A popular method used for removing skin tags is ligation. Ligations means to cut the blood supply. TagBand’s skin tag removal kit utilises the ligation technique by the application of a small rubber band around the base of the skin tag.

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