Skin Tag Prevention: How to prevent skin tags from growing back?

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Skin Tags can be the bane of your existence; those annoying or unsightly flaps of skin that you just wish you could get rid of forever.

How to Prevent the same skin tag growing back?

One of the reasons that a skin tag can recur once it has been removed is that the stalk is left in place. The stalk is the piece which protrudes immediately from the surface of the skin, and often it is left in place when the skin tag is cut off or tied so that it drops off. When this is the case, the tag can grow back off of this base and leave you with exactly the same problem that you started with.

How to Prevent skin tags occurring in other places?

Unfortunately, skin tag occurrence is commonly attributed to genetic factors, so if you have the unlucky genes you will have a higher chance of them appearing multiple times. However there are some things which are correlated with their occurrence which you can prevent.

One is rubbing of the skin which can be caused by excess skin or clothing rubbing against skin. It is possible that this form of irritation of the skin is what causes them to occur in people who are not genetically susceptible to skin tags. Therefore, if you attempt to reduce the amount which your skin rubs as much as possible, it will lower the chances that you will get more tags.

Bad diet is another thing which is correlated with skin tag occurrence. This is because being overweight leads to more folds of skin which rub together, and so increases the chances of skin tags occurring in between those folds. So therefore adopting a healthier diet by reducing intake of things like sugars and saturated fats can in turn prevent you from getting more skin tags.