Cost of Surgical Skin Tag Removal vs TagBand Home Kit

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Updated: Dec 10, 2021

For many people, skin tags is something they live with for years and do little to nothing about them. This might be because they don’t present any medical issues, and most GPs will say that removing them is at their expense. While this may not have any health implications, skin tags may affect our self-esteem and cause us irritation if they catch on clothing.


If you’re reading this blog there’s a good chance that you’re considering removing your skin tags. Previously, surgery was the most common route to removing skin tags, but this can be very expensive. And the truth is, people often avoid surgical procedures if it’s not a health issue. And if you have more than one skin tag, the prices go up in increments.

The Two Methods of Surgically Removing Skin Tags –

At TagBand, our primary concern is to offer another option for skin tag removals. That’s why we provide everyone with the relevant information so they can make their decision on which route to take. Whether it’s via surgery or by using our TagBand home kit, it’s all about removing the skin tag or tags.

Typically, the consulting doctor will offer two options for skin tag removal. The first is by laser, and the second is using a cauterising blade procedure. The cauterising blade method of skin tag removal is relatively pain-free, and the treatment lasts about fifteen minutes for one skin tag.

The second method is the laser skin tag removal, and this option is preferable if the skin tag doesn’t have a visible stalk. This procedure is also relatively painless, but the recovery time afterwards is slightly longer than the cauterising blade option. Both methods do come with possible scarring, but it’s worth pointing out that this is rare if you take care of the wound post-operation.

The Average Cost of Surgery for Skin Tag Removal –

After doing some research, we found that the usual cost of removing one skin tag by the cauterising method is £195. Additional skin tags start at a price of £25 if it’s done during the same operation. And what’s more, if you have multiple skin tags, the doctor will have to work out an individual price.

Similarly, the cost of the removal of one skin tag by laser starts from £275 and upwards. And just like the previous method, the removal of additional skin tags on the same day can cost you £75 or more. This is also subject to a substantial cost implication for people with multiple skin tags.

With a starting price of £16.95, the TagBand Skin Tag Removal Kit is a cost-effective option, and can be achieved from home. This means that the difference in cost between the lower price for a single skin tag removal using the cauterising method and our home removal kit (which can be used for up to10 skin tags), is a whopping £178!

TagBand comes with a sixty-day money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied. There are two kits to choose from which depend on the size of your skin tag or tags. Each kit comes with ten micro bands, but you won’t need to buy a new kit if you run out, as there are refill packs available.

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