7 Not So Frequently Asked About Questions About Skin Tags

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Here we have answered some FAQs about skin tags and skin tag removal. We have tried to cover some unfamiliar aspects of skin tags to bust the myths most people have regarding this skin condition.

Can a skin tag turn into cancer?

Skin tags are made up of skin tissue, fat, and nerve cells but they rarely turn cancerous. These growths are non-malignant in nature and people usually get them removed for aesthetic reasons.

Do removed skin tags grow back?

Skin tags that are removed with full success almost never grow back at the same place. However, if the root cause is not treated there is a slight chance of their growing in other parts of the body.

Can you use wart remover to remove skin tags?

Yes, wart removers with salicylic acid or liquid nitrogen can be used to remove skin tags. Salicylic acid helps in destroying the tissue structure of the skin tag and has to be applied twice daily until the tag dries off and falls. Liquid nitrogen-based wart removers work by freezing the skin tag after single application after which the skin tag begins to shrink and drops off within two to three weeks.

Are skin tags a form of HPV?

HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) increases one’s risk of developing skin tags. Those who have skin tags should get themselves examined if they suspect the virus to be a cause of skin tags and take necessary treatment to curb the possibility of new skin tags.

Do skin tags hurt?

Skin tags are painless but tend to hurt or bleed if they are twisted or get injured. Skin tags located on parts of the body that are prone to external trauma or friction may cause a lot of discomfort to the patient and should be removed to prevent them from getting injured.

How much does it cost to get rid of skin tags?

If you wish to get your skin tags removed surgically by a doctor, the procedure may cost above £90 but with advancements in medical science, at-home skin tag removal kits like Tagband have been made available at a fraction of the cost of most surgical procedures.

Do skin tags come off on their own?

Skin tags do not come off on their own. To remove them you need to take help of surgical procedures, at-home removal kits or natural methods to destroy the cell structure of the skin tag.



Skin tags are a cause of stress for many people because of their appearance and the discomfort they cause. If you wish to get them removed, you should first get the growth examined by a doctor to ensure that the growth is a skin tag.